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Is Brandon Wade an Asian sugar daddy?

Brandon Wade is the CEO of a dating company, InfoStream Group. He is also the most controversial businessman in America. Wade’s contentious dating websites, like Seeking Arrangement are also blatantly thought of as prostitution and escort providing services.

Brandon –an innocent looking CEO was brought up in Singapore. His mother was what we call “Tiger-Mom”. She would whip him and was always too strict about his studies. Wade is now the author of two books. One is Seeking Arrangement: The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and the other one is Mutually Beneficial Relationships.

Wade always had troubled relationships if we talk about his love life. He is of the idea that our society has become rather materialistic and that money plays a major role in one’s life. And he says that he wants to provide opportunities for guys like him –who have issues while mustering up the courage for things like dating.

But if we consider the real issue, Wade is basically running the so called “dating” websites where rich men get to hire the young beautiful girls. These guys now pay money so the pretty girls would travel with them and how can we tell for sure that the meeting between the rich and accomplished guy would not involve the spoiling of the little girl? This isn’t dating. This is nothing but escorting the rich dudes. Brandon says, sex is a possibility when the generous rich man (according to him) meets the beautiful girl but they don’t guarantee it. That is a very diplomatic statement.

Brandon’s new website Miss Travel enables the wealthy man to pay money and hire the young beautiful girl to travel with him. Wade says it gives the girl a chance to travel the world for free. This is the very new topic for everlasting argument about Wade these days. Isn’t this sex trafficking, though? Trading a pretty woman for money? Brandon covers up his deeds or intentions by saying that the guy could be a lonely one and he might fall in love with the girl during their vacation. When asked in an interview, Wade answered, “It’s not very different from a rich husband or boyfriend giving money to a wife or girlfriend.” According to Wade, money plays an important role if one wants to lead a happy life full of satisfaction. Brandon has a very materialistic view about life and is quite money-oriented. Maybe it’s because he is also an opulent successful man who has an opportunity to spend the money.

In the same interview, when Wade was asked if he is currently in a sugar-daddy relationship, Brandon gave another tactful answer. He stated, “I’m in a regular relationship that I’ve been in for the last year. But I am in one in a sense, because I take her shopping and pay for her when we go out.” This reflects that Wade knows exactly how to hide behind the mask. Maybe, his websites are giving benefits to some people. But Brandon Wade might himself be an Asian sugar daddy who believes that money can buy happiness. I wonder if money can buy respect in the society. We can’t say for sure if Brandon Wade really is a sugar-daddy or not. Though what he is doing includes the sugar-daddy relationships which are well defended by his deceptive and diplomatic responses.

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